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Spectator Points

North America's Best Spectator Points!

On November 23th 2019, the Lincoln Electric Rally of the Tall Pines will once again turn it up a notch to bring you the best Spectator Areas in Canada!

Each year we deliver exciting attractions at our main Spectator Areas. VIP Areas, Music, Concession Stands, Food Vendors and in-your-face Rally action!

Your FREE 2019 Lincoln Electric Rally of the Tall Pines Official Spectator Guide, produced by Inside Track Communications Inc. is available at any of our Official Spectator Areas, sponsors, local Bancroft businesses, or at Rally Headquarters. It's also online here.

The rally has been planned with both spectators and competitors in mind with the intent that we can provide you with one of the most unique ways to experience RallySport in North America. Our spectator points will put you right where all the action is.

All spectator information is tentative and currently subject to change. Please check back as the event approaches to ensure you have the latest information.

Spectator Points:


Service Area & Rally HQ

Our single Service Area gives the teams a chance to work on the rally cars. This is a great opportunity to see the massive effort required to get the cars ready for the next set of special stages. Rally Headquarters (HQ) is also situated at this location. Stop by and pick up a FREE Spectator Guide. N45 00.873  W 077 47.171


Iron Bridge Spectator Area

The main daytime spectator area is the Iron Bridge Spectator Area. Rally cars pass through this area three times throughout the day starting at 9:45 am. It has quickly become a fan and driver favourite. The challenging nature of the course allows the drivers to get into a good rhythm, and great sightlines allow spectators to see a lot of the action. In addition to the rally cars there is a lot happening at this spectator area. A public address system will keep you informed as to what's happening in the rally.  With music, food, rally merchandise and fast cars all within 100 meters of the parking area what more could you ask for?



Golton Super Special Spectator Area

please note that the Golton Stage will NOT be used this year.


Detlor Crossing Spectator Area

And if you still need a bit more excitement before the day is done, head to the Detlor Crossing Spectator location to catch the cars in the middle of one of the more varied stages of the rally. This can be is the make-or-break stage! Breaking free of the gravel, hitting the pavement of Detlor Road, swinging through the short jog to the west…a definite challenge through these varied surfaces, let alone the unpredictable November weather and the darkness! You should aim to be there by 4:30 pm to catch all the cars!


Cross Country Spectator Area

A new addition to the usual roads, Cross Country and McDonald Mine Roads close out the rally. Just north of Bancroft in Hastings Highlands Municipality, the stage runs twice back-to-back. Arrive by 9:15 pm to see the final action of the day.

*Please note that all times are tentative.